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Outdoor Lighting to Match the Beauty of Canyon Lake, TX

Oh, the beauty of Canyon Lake, Texas! Only one thing comes close to the beauty of those dramatic views of the Texas Hill Country, the lake itself, and the Guadalupe River. That one thing is your Canyon Lake home, beautifully illuminated from front to back by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North.

If it’s your neighbor’s home, and not yours, that stands out with the art of dramatic-yet-subtle outdoor lighting, don’t despair. With a phone call to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can ease your beautiful home into the light and enjoy its beauty at night, too.

Canyon Lake TX Architectural Lighting

What amazing effects could professionally-designed architectural and facade lighting have on the appearance of your home at night? It takes a skilled professional to know exactly which fixtures and lighting techniques will draw out the most arresting aspects of your home’s architectural style. We offer a free nighttime demonstration – at your home! – so you can see just what your custom lighting design will look like. Whether your home’s façade is Texas-style stucco, stone, or brick, our just-right illumination will embrace its texture, adding depth and drama to your home.

Everyone’s Favorite: Landscape Lighting in the Texas Hill Country

So much of the beauty homeowners enjoy in and around the Canyon Lake area is provided by nature. That holds true for your property, as well, and there’s no better way to enjoy its beauty at night than with professionally-installed landscape and garden lighting. Areas that once faded into darkness will suddenly take shape and gain dimension you couldn’t see before. We can work magic with your trees. Uplighting to accentuate their height, downlighting or moonlighting to create the effect of a full moon peeking through branches … prepare to be enthralled.

Gardens Glow and Paths Become Safer

With carefully-directed, subtle illumination, your gardens become visible at night. You may find their colors appear more beautiful after sunset than in daylight. Landscape lighting can do that. At the same time, our copper and brass fixtures placed low to the ground will increase safety along your paths and walkways. Guests and family members alike will feel more secure when they can see their way along paths. Any tricky spots like changes in elevation need to be made safer with path lighting. No stumbling necessary!

Canyon Lake TX Patio and Deck Lighting

Everyone knows the heart of a Texas home is its outdoor living areas. Do you spend your leisure time on a patio, a deck, or a combination of the two? With custom-designed lighting for your outdoor living spaces, your use of – and enjoyment of – these areas after dark will increase exponentially. We create your outdoor lighting design based on how you use your patio, deck, and yard. Would you prefer separate zones for cooking, dining, and lounging outdoors? What mood or ambiance best suits the way you use your outdoor living areas?

Would you enjoy soft lighting for intimate dinners on the patio and decorative festive string lighting for those nights when you want an outdoor party vibe? You don’t even have to choose between two different lighting styles. Canyon Lake outdoor lighting installers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can create both styles on different switches so you can select one or the other – or both – any evening.


The Best Canyon Lake Lighting for Pools and Water Features

How well can you see your way around your pool area at night? Everyone enjoys a swim after dark, and even more so with the magic of custom-designed lighting around your pool. Our talented outdoor lighting designers create this magic by combining light and water … and shazam!

Not only does a touch of lighting around the pool increase your safety there, light plays and dances on the water to a mesmerizing effect. Does your pool include a fountain or waterfall? Even more magic! Gentle, hypnotic outdoor lighting will enhance water features anywhere on your property. Want some color mixed into your nighttime pool magic? We can use tinted lenses to achieve the effect you have in mind.

Hardscapes Designed with Lighting in Mind

Many Canyon Lake TX homeowners enjoy spacious covered patios with additional hardscape amenities designed to bring the indoors outside. When you have everything you need outdoors, from an outdoor kitchen, bar, and TV, to comfortable dining and a fire pit, who wants to go inside after dark?

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North work with your hardscape designer so we can coordinate lighting installation with hardscape installation. It’s much easier that way, and your Canyon Lake patio will be fully usable at night with lighting installed from the beginning.

Special Event Lighting in Canyon Lake TX

No one designs special event lighting better than we do! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is well known for both residential and commercial special event lighting in Canyon Lake. Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary party lighting for an outdoor wedding or any special event, we handle your requests with efficiency and professionalism. Many of our clients change their lighting order from temporary to permanent after they see how much fun festive lighting can be. Our high-quality string lighting is safe to use outdoors any time of year and will stand up to all Texas weather conditions.

Canyon Lake TX Hospitality and Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North is in the business of making your business look amazing at night. Draw more customers and delight the ones you already have with commercial outdoor lighting designed to attract the eye while increasing the safety of staff and guests alike. If you have landscaping at your entrance, it’s not complete without a custom lighting design to increase visibility at night. Be sure to ask about some of the decorative lighting ideas we can implement at your establishment.

Trust Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North to design, install and maintain the outdoor lighting at your Canyon Lake property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Call us at (210) 876-1084 or email us.

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