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A Truly Unexpected and Delightful Lighting Design at a Barndominium! Barndo-what?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio had the opportunity to provide lighting for a wedding at a newfangled residence, and we’ve gotta tell you – we are totally loving this!

Over the last decade, we have seen some wonderful new home designs arise out of the most creative old structures. We’ve seen busses become roving tiny homes and shipping container residences, but this was our first experience with a barndominium. If you are wondering what on Earth a barndominium is…well, it’s a barn-turned-residence. Who’d have thunk it? We wouldn’t have, but we soon learned! At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North, we will always remember the first time we were invited to provide professional outdoor lighting for a barndominium.

Just take a look at the gorgeous tree wrap and roof edge lighting that we provided throughout the property.

A show of hands…who wants to live in a barndominium?

It all began with a request for special event lighting for a wedding.

— Tree and roofline outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio was called upon to light multiple areas of the barndo (did we just coin a new word?). We provided lots of tee wrap lighting and roofline lighting for both the residence and the outdoor kitchen and pool area.

— San Antonio patio lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

The barndominium homeowners loved the special event lighting so much, they decided to keep it!

— San Antonio residential tree wrap and roofline lighting on barndominium home.

Awww, shucks! We have to admit, the tree wrap and roofline lighting suits this new-style residential venue perfectly. Hands-down, this is one of the most unique residences we’ve seen, and we hope to be able to light even more barndominiums in the future.

h3, If someone asks, “Were you raised in a barn?” These residents can say, “No, but I live in one!”

Residential outdoor lighting design on truly unique barndominium home.

Do you live in a barndo, or similarly upcycled residence? Are you looking to add to the unique style and unexpected beauty of your unusual commercial or residential venue? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio would love to provide commercial or residential outdoor lighting for your fun and curious business or home. Add whimsy to your wholly unexpected or exceptional home with professional San Antonio outdoor lighting.

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