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Plan Your Lighting Project Now, Before 2019 Tariffs Take Effect!

Save money on your 2018 lighting project with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio. If cost savings is imperative to your project, do not wait till 2019.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio hates to be the bearer of bad news, but as most of us know by now, new tariffs loom on the horizon. While we wish these price increases would not affect our business, the hard truth is…they do. And unfortunately, it affects our clients once 2019 rolls around. If you have been planning a new outdoor lighting project or lighting update for your home or business, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio implores you to act now to avoid the higher cost of materials.

How do the new U.S. tariffs affect our product costs?

Regrettably, the products offered by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio are projected to see up to a 20% increase in cost. This increase includes our metal lighting fixtures, as well as many of the LED components we use in our outdoor lighting. These price increases must be passed on to our commercial outdoor lighting and residential outdoor lighting clients. The unfortunate increase in LED lighting components is quite the conundrum, as one of the biggest reasons home and business owners choose LED outdoor lighting is for energy cost savings. The new tariffs impede those savings, which can be up to 60% over their halogen and incandescent counterparts. Higher material costs can affect the overall lifetime savings.

What can be done to keep your outdoor lighting budget intact?

Currently, we have but one solution to avoid the adverse costs from the U.S. tariffs increase. Please ACT NOW to begin your outdoor lighting project. We San Antonio area residents are fortunate in that outdoor lighting projects can still be installed this time of year, unimpeded by fall and winter weather, unlike other areas of the country. Our mild climate is conducive to year-round lighting installation and maintenance. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here to answer your questions concerning cost increases and to get your residential or commercial outdoor lighting project underway. If budgetary concerns are a factor in your new or updated lighting project, please reach out to us to plan your project now.

If you are ready to put your outdoor lighting project into action to avoid the impending materials cost increases, please call us now at (210) 876-1084 or email us to begin!

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